• What is the Student Assistance Program?
    Livonia Public Schools would like you to know that a Student Assistance Program is established in all middle schools and high schools. The primary purpose of the SAP is to provide information and support to students who are in crisis or have ongoing problems which put them at risk for failure. In addition, the Student Assistance Provider (SAP) works closely with parents and community agencies in making referrals that can further support students and their families. Services are available to all students and include:
    • Individual support
    • Group Support through "Educational Support Groups"
      • Generally time-limited and meet on a weekly basis for 8-10 weeks.
      • Topics focus on a range of adolescent issues including: stress management, peer and family relationships, grief & loss, goal setting, health and school survival.
      • Students can be referred by a SAP, parent, school staff, peer or by self.
      • Participation is voluntary, but students will be encouraged to participate if referred.
    Please contact Mrs. Deskovitz for more information or with further questions.