LCTC Communications Hotline

  • LPS-Change in student email & computer log-in

    All student email addresses and computer log-in user names will be reconfigured to a structure that adds the year of graduation to the end of the user name and omits the word “student” from the email address. Please see the example below: 

    Computer login (sample):

    OLD USERNAME: asmith1
    NEW USERNAME: asmith1-2022


    This change is effective immediately for all students with the exception of high school summer school Session 1 students. High school Session 1 student user names were changed as of August 2, 2021.

    Passwords will NOT be changed.  This change is necessary, due to several transitions and updates to district systems. Students are asked to let their teacher or administrator know if they are having trouble using their new user name and the teacher/administrator should report the trouble to the district’s help desk. 

    Thank you and we wish you a fun and relaxing remainder of your summer! 

    For reference, we have included a 'year of graduation' chart below. 

    Grade in 2021-2022 School Year  /  Graduation Year 

    Young Fives: 2035
    Kindergarten: 2034
    First Grade: 2033
    Second Grade: 2032
    Third Grade: 2031
    Fourth Grade: 2030
    Fifth Grade: 2029
    Sixth Grade: 2028
    Seventh Grade: 2027
    Eighth Grade: 2026
    Ninth Grade: 2025
    Tenth Grade: 2024
    Eleventh Grade: 2023
    Twelfth Grade: 2022

    Career Technical Center School Procedures

    Below are a few key points that we ask you and your student to understand in preparation for school:

    Health Screening Protocols

    All students will be required to conduct the health and safety self-assessment at home prior to coming to school. This will include taking their temperature prior to attending school. If the student can not answer “NO” to the questions or have a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher, they may not attend school and must call the school attendance level. Please be diligent with this process as it impacts all of us.

    Physical Distancing

    Please work together to maintain as much physical distancing between each other as possible. Be respectful of your peers' comfort level within the building.


    Masks are required for all students (except when eating) Mask wearing will be strictly enforced.

    Allowable face coverings include 

    ● Reusable and homemade facial coverings (must be washed daily)

    ● Disposal masks (must be disposed of daily)

    ● Gaiters (one-piece neck and face sleeve).

    This is mandatory - The mouth and nose must be fully covered.

    Medical documentation needed for mask exemption.
    LCTC Administration will be contacted for any student issues.
    Masks are part of the dress code and should not have any inappropriate graphics or writings that could be deemed inappropriate in an educational setting.

    Entry Points

    To best ensure the safety of staff and students, student will enter the main door #1 or door #18. Students in auto will enter at door #24. Construction students will enter door #22.

    All other doors will remain locked throughout the day.

    Arrival / Departure

    Students may gain access to the building starting at 8:05 AM and report to their classes immediately. Please make plans accordingly. The in-person school day will be 7:25 a.m. - 2:55 p.m. Students must exit the school upon completion of their class. Pick up and drop off students should use doors #1 and #18.

    Lunch Time 

    Students are to eat at their home high school. LCTC does not have a cafeteria.


    Students MUST have a parking permit (clearly visible on their car) from their home high school in order to park at LCTC. Please follow the rules and signs of the lot. No back in parking allowed.

    Bus schedule 

    The bus schedule for LCTC will be posted when it is received.