Philosophy of Middle School Athletics


    The athletic program is an integral part of the extensive extracurricular activities offered at all middle schools in the Livonia Public Schools.  The program offers young people a wide variety of opportunities to participate in competition.  Athletics, like all other extracurricular activities, must fulfill its proper role in the total educational program.  As with other parts of the district’s educational program, athletics are governed by the policies of the Board of Education.

    Consistent with the policies governing all district sponsored activities, all students have an equal opportunity to participate on the athletic teams.  It is the aim of the school to encourage all students who are interested and physically fit to be a part of the athletic programs.

    For the athletic program to be successful, it must have the support of the community, parents and students.  To merit this support, the athlete should foster respect by being a good citizen in both the school and the community.

    In order for an athletic code of conduct to be functional, it must to a large extent depend upon an honor system subscribed to by all parties of interest.  When documentable and responsible evidence of infractions relating to the code are brought to the attention of school officials, it will be incumbent upon those persons to investigate the charges.  Where these infractions are validated, the code will be implemented.


    • There will be a tryout period for players wanting to participate in sports in which a total maximum number of players exist and cuts may be needed to reach such a numbe
    • Teams will play other middle school teams in Livonia and neighboring districts that compete in the Kensington Lakes Middle School League (KLMSL), the middle school component of the Kensington Lakes Athletic Association (KLAA).
    • Students will have the opportunity to play in as many as four different sports sea There will be equal opportunity for both boys and girls.
    • “All-will-play” philosophy will be followed for those on the tea
    • There will be a pay-to-participate fee.


    1. The responsibility for overseeing the middle school athletic program lies with the Middle School Athletic Council. Members of the council are: middle school principals, middle school athletic directors, and Director of Administrative Service  The Director of Administrative Services will be an ex-officio member.
    2. The Livonia Public Schools Middle School Athletic Program operates on a pay-to participate basis. A one-time payment will cover all sports in a school yea  The payment of a participation fee does not guarantee a particular role on the team or playing time.  Fees are due after the final cuts have been made.
    3. This program is structured on the “all will play” philosophy. All teams will adhere to the specific regulations for each sport as they appear in the KLMSL byla
    4. There will be opportunities for both boys and girls in eighth grade and seventh grade.
    5. When possible, sports seasons are scheduled so that students do not have to make a choice between two or more school sports within that same sea
    6. Competition will be among the middle schools in the Livonia Public Schools School District and neighboring districts, in the KLMSL conference.
    7. Practice time for all sports will vary between one hour and thirty minutes per session and two hours per sessi The days of participation in this program will usually total 4 days per week.  The length of each sports season will vary between 7-9 weeks.
    8. No practice or games will occur during scheduled vacation periods or holiday
    9. Declaring league champions, reporting league stands or awarding team trophies will not take place.
    10. Cheerleaders and pompon squads are not part of the LPS Middle School progra
    11. All athletic contests will be scheduled after school.
    12. There will be an annual in-service program for coaches in the philosophy of the progra An Athletic Handbook for students will describe the rules and regulations of the program.
    13. Students will comply with the guidelines established by the Michigan High School Athletic Association (M.S.A.A.) with regard to eligibility.
    14. Athletic Directors will be responsible for monitoring academic and citizenship performance.
    15. Students must indicate their desire to participate in a particular sport by an established sign-up date (for that sport). Failure to sign-up by this date may result in the student not being able to participate in that particular sport that sea
    16. All tryout teams will consist of the best eligible athletes as determined by the coach and the athletic director.
    17. Maximum participation is encouraged.