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  • Tips to receive school emails and calls

    Two-way communication is a top priority in our school district, and email is one of several tools we use to communicate quickly and directly with you. We want to make sure all of our parents and guardians are receiving emails from their child’s school and from the district.

    Please see the following tips if you are having trouble receiving emails from your child’s school.

    • Q: I have not received emails this school year. How can I make sure my email address is on file?
      • A: Email addresses are pulled from your student(s) pink emergency cards at the beginning of the school year. Only the first contact person’s email that is listed on the pink card is registered. First, you will want to contact your child’s school secretary to verify the email address on the pink card is your primary email. That should solve the issue.
    • Q: What if my family has more than one email address? Can we receive school notices at multiple email addresses?
      • A: Yes. You can manage your settings, once you verify that your primary email is in the system, by clicking HERE. You may add up to 5 email addresses and 5 phone numbers.
    • Q: I tried to access the Parent Portal, to check my settings, but I forgot my user name and password. How can I access that information?
      • A: On the log-in screen, you will see a link called “Forgot Your Password?” Click on the link, and an email will be sent to you. If you cannot see that link on the log-in screen, try a non-mobile device or switch to a different browser. If you still have trouble, email to make the request.


    Another great communication feature is Parent Connect, which allows parents to see their student(s) academic progress (at secondary level), class schedules (at secondary level), assignments (at secondary level), attendance, cafeteria accounts and transportation information. 

    To see your child's information, click on the Parents tab on the front page of the district's website ( and click on the Parent Connect menu; from there, go to Parent Connect Log In. Your user name and password are the same you used to adjust your notification settings. If you have forgotten your user name and password, click on the "forgot your password?" link near the log-in box. 

    The Parent Connect module also has an email option. Parents may receive frequent email updates from Parent Connect, by clicking on the "Email Notifications" link.

    If you need assistance with your user name and password, please email 


    The Edulink system is also used for phone calls and text messaging (when requested). Phone notifications are placed to all LPS families and staff members in the event of an emergency or weather-related school closure. Schools may also use the phone messaging system to relay other school news.

    • Q: Can I manage my phone settings, just as I can my email settings?
      • A: Yes. Follow the same procedure for accessing your “Calling Preferences” as detailed above. Please remember that standard text messaging rates apply. Since texts are brief, the district uses texts to alert parents to check their email for an important message.
    • Q: Can I opt OUT of those early morning “snow day” phone calls?
      • A: No. This is not an option in this system. It cannot distinguish between “snow day” calls and other calls.
    • Q: Why do the “snow day” calls sometimes come in more than once?
      • A: When receiving an automated call from LPS, please DO NOT HANG UP without listening to the message. The Edulink system needs 15 seconds to “complete” the call. Otherwise, multiple attempts may occur.