Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security

  • Careers in this pathway include interacting with people, helping solve problems, speaking in front of groups of people, and serving the public.

    • Do you want to be a firefighter or police officer?
    • Do you respect the law and the rule of law?
    • Do you like to help people?
    • Are you good at debating and winning arguments?
    • Are you detail-oriented and driven?
    • Would you enjoy being responsible for other people's safety?
police badge

Criminal Justice Technology

  • 934 - Criminal Justice Technology
    grade level: 11-12
    1.5 credit/semester 

    Criminal Justice is a one year instructional program designed for students interested in investigating careers as criminal lawyers, police officers, civilian police personnel, fire fighters, corrections officers or private security.  This course will introduce students to various public safety agencies and provide the student with the recommended path to pursue their desired career choice.  In addition, the application of senior mathematics, and online learning are integrated in the program.  Beyond the academic load of the class, students will learn organizational skills, employability skills and interpersonal skills necessary  to enter such public safety fields.  Students are also exposed to employment opportunities and the necessary educational requirements moving them toward their desired interests.  A two-week field training opportunity pulls their eight months of hard work together, offering job shadowing at local police, fire, medic, private security agencies or public and private law firms. Finally, this course will prepare students for post secondary education with several articulation agreements earning the student college credit.

    Competencies Offered include: Employment and Career Development, Team Building Skills, Ethics and Responsibilities, Traffic Direction and Control, Fundamentals of Patrol, Communications/Dispatch Operations Traffic Laws and Enforcement, Crash Reports UD-10, Constitutional Law, Basic criminal Law, Fingerprinting and Booking, Evidence and Crime Scene Preservation, Report Writing, Knowledge of our Court System, Court Testimony, Personal Fire Safety, Nature of Fire, Fire Fighting, First Aid and CPR, Field Training Experiences, Crime Prevention and Computer Application.

    Prerequisite: none

Sample Careers

  • On-the-job Training/High School Diploma

    • Emergency dispatcher
    • Police
    • Volunteer firefighter
    • Loss prevention officer
    • Security officer
    • Bounty hunter

    Certificate or Associate Degree

    • EMT/Paramedic
    • Police officer
    • County sherriff
    • Fire fighter
    • Private investigator
    • Information assurance

    Bachelor’s Degree or Higher

    • Police officer
    • Forensic scientists
    • Security management
    • Federal law enforcement agent
    • Law enforcement management
    • Case manager