Hospitality Management

  • Careers in this pathway include service operations chefs, cooks, and food service workers receive, prepare, and present the food consumed by guests.

    • Do you enjoy dining in restaurants?
    • Do you like to cook?
    • Do you want to help other people enjoy themselves?
    • Are you friendly and outgoing?
    • Would you like to work in a hotel, on a cruise ship, or in a restaurant?
    • Are you a great athlete?
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Hospitality Management I

  • Note: This class is held at Franklin High School 

    In this introductory course, students gain practical, hands-on knowledge and skills within a relevant and industry-driven curriculum. This course not only covers the basics of food preparation and food safety, but also crucial food service concepts such as customerrelations, cost accounting, controlling food costs, and marketing. Students will participate in the operation of the Patriot Inn restaurant, housed at Franklin High School, which will mimic the same table service skillsfound in the food service industry.

    Prerequisite: none

Hospitality Management 2

  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of Hospitality Management 1
    or instructor permission.

    In this second-year course, students will expand on their food service and marketing skills, while also learning how to prepare menus and create new foods. Instruction is student-driven, as second-year students explore a certain cooking or baking skill.