Elective Descriptions

  • The Western Wayne Skill Center offers two elective classes; Leisure and Recreation, and Fitness.  Electives are 55 minutes long and students typically have one elective either in the morning or in the afternoon.      


      Leisure and Recreation class is one of the elective courses that is offered to the Western Wayne Skill Center students.  For 55 minutes each day, the students are provided with a variety of experiences that address recreation and leisure.  Students participate in a meaningful range of art, crafts, games, hobbies, and many other leisure activities, which may enhance the student's quality of life.  The students practice appropriate social skills and sportsmanship while engaging in these activities. 

      Fitness is another elective course offered to students.Students use many methods to increase agility, flexibility and strength all while having fun! Students will engage in yoga, stretching, dancing, cardio drumming, exercise equipment and have relays. Students will also engage in team sports such as kickball, basketball, bowling, floor hockey and more!
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