NHS Tutoring 2020-2021

  • NHS Tutoring List 2020-2021

    Hello Spartan Community!

    National Honor Society students are excited to offer virtual tutoring for our SHS students! All NHS students have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and are in 11th or 12th grade. Tutoring will be offered for a variety of subject areas and will be offered at various times in an effort to make it convenient and doable for as many students as possible. Tutoring is student-initiated. A complete list of tutors will be available on the Stevenson website under the Counseling Tab (Tutoring and Academic Support).

    Here's how it will work:
    1. If a student is interested in contacting a tutor, he/she will look up the list of tutors and contact one by the email address provided. Tutor and student will determine how the virtual meeting will occur. (Most likely Google Meet or Zoom).
    2. Students should come to the tutoring session prepared (notes, book, assignments, questions, etc. ). Please be attentive and focused.
    3. Tutors have been instructed to wait at least 10 minutes for a student to show up to the session. If a student does not show up within 10 minutes, the tutor will leave the session.
    4. Cameras should be on during a session.
    5. If you cannot keep your appointment time (either student or tutor)- please contact the other person and let them know so they are not wasting their time. Be respectful!
    6. Remember- tutors should not be expected to teach the material. Please think of it as a supplement.

    We hope that this service is one which will help and be a benefit to our students.

    Angela Wojtyniak
    NHS Advisor