To limit disruption in classroom instruction, any student checking out of school early must receive a pass from their Assistant Principal's office. Students can obtain this pass in the following ways:

    • The student brings a note to their Assistant Principal’s office first thing in the morning, signed by the parent, indicating the time student needs to be released, and if they will be returning to school that day or not.
    • The parent calls the student’s Assistant Principal’s office that morning, or at least 1.5 hrs. before the time of requested dismissal. This gives the office an appropriate amount of time to have the pass delivered to the student’s classroom during passing time by our security staff.

    (We understand that circumstances sometimes arise during the school day and the student does not have an early dismissal note. Please call the school as soon as possible so that we can get a pass to your student.)  

    Students are assigned to an Assistant Principal by the first letter of their last name. Please call (734) 744-2660 and enter the extension below:

    Last Name A-G:  ext. 48904 (Mr. Stromberg’s Secretary)
    Last Name H-O:  ext. 48910 (Mr. Kotsogiannis’s Secretary)
    Last Name P-Z:   ext. 48913 (Ms. Abojamra’s Secretary)

    At the time indicated on the check-out pass, students show the pass to their teacher to be excused from class, then they MUST sign out electronically on the computer in the main lobby or main office. The student will walk out the front entrance where a parent is waiting in their car to pick them up.

Report a Student Absence