Library Information

  • Library Hours: Due to Covid-19, the library is only open to students when they visit with their teacher as part of their class as well as some lunch periods (to do school work) when space is available.

    No food or drink allowed. 


    Internet Use Guidelines

    Students are expected to follow the rules as set forth by the district Acceptable Use Policy (Student LivNet Access Policy).

    Remember: Any misuse of LivNet may result in disciplinary action. The student will accept the responsibility of keeping all inappropriate materials and text files, or files dangerous to the integrity of the network from entering the school via Livnet. Misuse of LivNet includes, but is not limited to, malicious use of LivNet through hate mail, harassment, profanity, vulgar statements or other discriminatory acts. Illegal installation or use of copyrighted software is not allowed. Use of LivNet for any commercial-for-profit purposes and use of LivNet for noneducational/nondistrict related communications is not allowed. This means that students are NOT allowed to play games on computers and are NOT allowed to go to social networking sites such as Facebook. 


    To submit work to Phaeton, please send it to


Churchill LMC

  • Welcome to Churchill High School's Library Media Center.

    Library Director - Mr. Rapson

    Library Paraprofessional - Mrs. Novak