Student Athlete Academic Eligibility-Fall 2021

    We now have guidance concerning academic eligibility for the Fall of 2021 and how we will proceed with our student-athletes.  As all of you are aware, our current policy (in summation) is as follows:
    -All athletes must be passing all of their classes, both in the current and previous semesters.  
    -If an athlete is currently failing one class, the remaining classes must equal a 2.0-grade point average.
    -If an athlete is currently failing two classes, they are currently eligible for a determined period of time.
    For grades concerning the Fall of 2021, meaning beginning in September 2021 and moving forward) we WILL be following the LPS policy.  This is listed above and I will also be sending you each the official policy.
    Concerning the "previous semester grades" from June of 2021 (this current semester), we will be following the current MHSAA policy.  This will be for June 2021 only and after that, we will revert back to the LPS policy for previous semester grades.
    The current MHSAA policy states a student must be "passing 66% of their classes" in order to be eligible.  Student-Athletes must also be taking at least 4 classes.  Example-If a student-athlete presently has 6 classes, all they would need for athletic eligibility would be 4 D- grades (if they were failing 2 classes).  A grade of D- is passing, E is not.  To conclude, student-athletes must be passing 4 of their 6 classes from June 2021 to be eligible in the Fall of 2021.  
    Summer School is an option.   Student-athletes may choose that route to make up for any previous academic issues.