Student Dress Code

  • The Student Dress Code was reviewed and revised based on the recommendations of a committee comprised of students, parents, and staff representatives. The dress and grooming code for the school district has been established by the Livonia Board of Education and the student body, and has been publicized. Dress or grooming which is distracting to or disruptive of the educational process is prohibited. The school administration and staff will uphold the following regulations:

    • Extremes of dress, sleepwear, immodest clothing, and extreme hairstyles and hair color are inappropriate.
    • All hats, hoods, ski bands, bandanas and head dresses are not to be worn in the building and should remain off until the end of the school day (unless worn for a religious nature). Students must remove their headwear upon entrance to the building and place them in their locker.
    • Top garment must overlap bottom garment and the body torso must be covered.
    • Clothing such as shorts, skirts, skorts and dresses must be hemmed and must extend down to at least pinkie length. Holes in pants, shorts, etc., must be below pinkie length.
    • Any clothing that advocates objectionable material, illegal activities or displays profane language is prohibited.
    • Shoes or other appropriate footwear must be worn at all times (no slippers). Staff may determine the appropriateness of a student’s footwear based on specific class activities.
    • Undergarments should not be visible.
    • Modest tank tops that cover the entire torso and chest area are permitted but spaghetti straps are not permitted. Tank top straps must have at least a 3 finger width strap. No low cut tops are allowed. Also, undergarments such as camis or bra straps should not be visible.
    • Outer clothing, such as jackets, is discouraged from being worn during the school day and permission to wear such clothing remains at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

    Students have four options if they choose not to dress appropriately for school:

    • Change into clothes that a student has in his/her locker.
    • Change into clothes that the school keeps on hand.
    • Call home and have a parent bring up appropriate clothes.
    • Be removed from school for non-compliance.

    Consequences: Students who violate this policy during the school day may be sent to the Main Office and held out of class until the violation is corrected using one of the above four options.  Repeat violations will result in disciplinary action ranging from warning to suspension.

    Dress Code applies to all school activities.