• Welcome, Kindergarten Families!


    Dear Kindergarten Families,

    We are very excited for all of our new kindergarten students to come to Randolph in the fall.  Below are a few resources to help the transition to kindergarten go as smoothly as possible for your child.  We cannot wait to meet our new kindergarteners very soon!


    Randolph Kindergarten Team


    Health Concerns/ Medication at School


    Preparing for Kindergarten Literacy Learning

    • Kindergarten is a huge year of literacy growth for students.  The more experience students have with listening, speaking, reading, and writing before the first day of kindergarten, the easier kindergarten literacy learning will be for them.  Here are a few suggestions of activities to do over the summer to help your child be as successful as possible in kindergarten.
      • Read children’s books to your child every day.  Nothing will prepare your child better for literacy development than having a parent read to them daily.
        • Here is a book to read to your child about Randolph Elementary School. [Book]
      • Make sure your child can recognize/read their name.
      • Have your child practice writing their name.
      • Encourage your child to read all of the letters in their name.
      • Teach your child any unknown letters of the alphabet.
        • The majority of students who come to Randolph in the fall of kindergarten can identify most, if not all, of the uppercase and lowercase letters.  Here are some activities to help ensure that your child can identify letters.
          • Kindergarten Letter Identification Activity [PDF]
          • Kindergarten Letter Tracing at Home [PDF]
      • Familiarize your child with letter sounds.  
      • Maximize your child's language development. "A child's ultimate resource for learning to read and write is his spoken language." - Marie M. Clay, Founder of Reading Recovery
        • Read this article for ideas on how to maximize your child’s language development. [PDF]
    • If you have any questions about the above activities or your child’s literacy development, please contact our Academic Elementary Support Teacher, Mrs. Wehner, at awehner@livoniapublicschools.org.