Degrees and Certifications:

Graduated from Wayne State University in 2000

Mrs. Jeanine Lithgow

I am the physical therapist that works throughout the district.  I work with students with decreased gross motor skills and difficulty accessing the school environment.  This is my 5th school year for Livonia.  I work part time for Livonia Public Schools.  I also work part time at Cooke School in Northville.

Students are expected to join the PT Google Classroom for the continuation of learning for their gross motor skills:  ckajlfr

Join PT Zoom Meeting:  Every Tuesday 10:30am-11:00am
Meeting ID: 953 3310 7624
Password: 016147 

*Due to the school closure, please look at the documents on the lower part of this site for more detailed activities.

General suggestions:  Stay active, go for a walk, have a contest for who can stand on one leg the longest, play catch with someone who lives within your household, bounce catch to yourself, lay on your belly and do superman exercises, crawl backwards through your living room, crab walk, or bear walk.

Physical Therapy Prescription