Academically Talented

  • The Livonia Public School District provides magnet programs for the academically talented student, in grades one through grade 12. The magnet programs offer students the opportunity to experience an appropriately accelerated, integrated curriculum in an enriched environment with their intellectual peers. Teachers and support staffs are sensitive to the developmental issues of the particular age as well as the social/emotional issues of highly talented youngsters.                                                                                                                       students doing physics experiment

    Teachers in the magnet programs at each level meet as a team on a regularly scheduled basis to integrate curricular content. Child study meetings dealing with social/emotional needs are conducted regularly in the programs.                            

    The magnet programs include programming at the elementary level, 1-6, ACAT; middle school level, 7-8, MACAT; and the high school level, 9-12 in the Math, Science and Computer Program (MSC) housed at Churchill High School.

    In addition, Livonia Public Schools offers advanced classes at the middle and high school levels, and Advanced Placement course work at the high school level.

    The Alternative Classrooms for the Academically Talented (ACAT), located at Webster Elementary School houses first through sixth grade students in multi-age team teaching classrooms.

    The Middle School Alternative Classrooms for the Academically Talented (MACAT), located at Frost Middle School, houses seventh and eighth graders, grouped for a language arts/social studies block, and advanced math and science classes. Students participate in electives and all school activities at Frost.

    Individual buildings, classrooms, and teachers recognize youngsters' special talents and abilities to work and provide for them.

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    MSC, Dave Bjorklund: 734-744-2650 ext. 46967  
    MACAT, Michael Vasich: 734-744-2670 Ext. 37967 
    ACAT, David Zyczynski: 734-744-2795 

    The Housing Schools

    Webster Elementary (ACAT)
    Frost Middle School (MACAT)
    Churchill (MSC)