•                                                                                                           The library is PACKING UP!


     The LMC is being renovated!

    We have packed up EVERYTHING, and are looking forward to the new and updated LMC.


    We are no longer loaning out books, but we are COLLECTING ALL BOOKS

    Books not returned have been marked lost and billed to your library account.

    The cost of "lost" books is the price of the book.

    (Exact $ amounts only. We do NOT accept book replacements).

    See the librarian (lab 502) if you have questions.  


     Books can be read on the SORA app, available to every LPS student.

    It is located in the Clever portal.

    See your librarian for details. 


    Want to suggest a book purchase? Use the QR code. 

    QR code








    Thank you for your patience as we prepare for a brighter and bigger space!




    Librarian: Mrs. Hart      Parapro: Mrs. Giroux