Holmes Counseling Office

  • A counselor’s job is to help students be successful in school.  Counselors act as the student’s advocate.  Students should see their counselor if they are experiencing difficulty with their classwork, their friends, or other outside concerns. 

    Sometimes students feel pressured to protect other students who break school safety rules.  Most serious discipline or safety issues, however, are resolved because responsible student come forward.  This is not “tattling, or being a rat or a snitch.”  It is practicing good citizenship and doing the right thing.

    The following list includes some situations which should be reported immediately to an administrator, counselor, teacher, or parent:

    • If a classmate is talking about suicide, hurting himself/herself, or is making statements that life is no longer “worth it.”
    • If a classmate is making statements that he/she would like to hurt/kill other people or if they talk about having access to a weapon of any kind particularly explosives or guns.
    • If a classmate is being hurt or abused at home or is being bullied or harassed at school.
    • If a classmate is in possession of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or anything that would put that person or others at a dangerous risk.

    At Holmes, students are assigned a counselor according to last name.

    If a student wishes to reach out to his/her counselor while remote or virtual, he/she may email their counselor or call the counseling office.

    Below are the counselor assignments for 2021-22: