• Participation in athletics is based on the individual interest, ability, and number of members needed per team. The payment of a participation fee does not guarantee a particular role on a team or that the student will play in a contest. There is a one time yearly fee of $100 ($700 cap per family) to participate in middle school athletics For Livonia Public Schools. If a student quits or is dismissed for disciplinary/academic reasons, there is no refund.


    Students receiving free or reduced lunch may qualify for a reduced fee. There are forms available in the office.

    • Reduced Lunch Fee = $50
    • Free Lunch Fee = $25


    If needed, fees may be dropped off in the athletic office located in the main office. Coaches DO NOT accept fees.

    Remember: Fees must be paid by the first week of practice or immediately after tryouts are completed. If fees are not paid students will not be able to participate.