Cool stuff happening at LCTC!

  • Finalists in the Game for change Web contest

    Congratulations to Liam VanHollebeke who is a finalist in the Game Exchange International Game Competition for his game entitled "Plastic Island." Liam is being recognized as a top finalist among young game creators from Bahrain, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.
    Games were designed to address topics related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including Healthy Planet, Human Rights and Sustainable Societies.

    Medical classes become certified in Stop the Bleed

    Pre-nursing/pre-med and sports medicine students collaborated, last week, learning new technical skills and getting certified in Stop the Bleed. Technical skills included subcutaneous and intramuscular injections, inserting IVs and glucose testing, and bandaging. Over 100 students were certified in Stop the Bleed. Nice job!!

    injections  bleed  helping  wraps  blood draw   injections

    Traffic Stops at LCTC

    LCTC Criminal Justice students recently learned traffic enforcement, tactics, and how to conduct traffic stops in the parking lot of the school. Students determined appropriate use of force based on scenarios presented to them. Traffic stops are one of the leading causes of death to law enforcement officers each year, so it is important to practice proper technique and proper communication skills with the occupants of the vehicle. This reduces the risk of injury to both the officer and the civilians involved in the traffic stop.

    stop 1  stop 2  stop 3  

    Medical students learn about veterinary science

    Animals came for a visit to the LCTC grounds. Students in the advanced medicine classes recently had a veterinary medicine unit that included vaccines, zoonotic illnesses, nutrition, and preventative care. They learned how animals can help with therapy for patients with mental health issues and traumatic brain injuries as well as other neurological issues. The pet farm was set up at the career center for a day. 

    animal 1 alpaca

    group  cage


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LCTC Information

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  • Mission Statement
    The mission of the Livonia Career Technical Center is to prepare students for careers in a rapidly changing technological society and to develop a foundation for post-secondary education and life-long learning.

    School Improvement Goals

    1. All students will identify the main idea of a written text.
    2. All students will achieve completer status at the end of their CTE class.
    3. All students will demonstrate a program-specific math competency.

    Livonia Career/Technical Center is a an accredited school by AdvancedED. Accreditation is a voluntary improvement plan focusing on increasing student performance. We are evaluated by an outside group of professionals to meet quality standards every year.

Points of Pride

  • The Livonia Career Technical Center (LCTC) has so much to be proud of!! Here are some of the Points of Pride that we would like to share:

    • LCTC has provided career technical education for over 40 years to Livonia high school students.
    • Students have been awarded State of Michigan honors in career technical student organization competitions.
    • State competition winners have moved on to the national level for competition in their subject area.
    • Each program has a business advisory that meets with the instructor to discuss curriculum, equipment, career pathways to college, and the job market today.
    • Our teachers have worked in the industry they now teach. All of our teachers have industry credentials.
    • Programs engage the learner with activities that are "hands on".
    • We provide an environment for learning that is positive and business oriented.
    • Our class size is 25-30 students