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  • Striving for excellence, learning for life.

    Spartan Time Schedule Begins 9/20 – Every Tuesday & Thursday


    Beginning next week, we will be providing our students with a 35-minute support time every Tuesday & Thursday. (Spartan Time). We know that students learn at different paces and in different ways. Additionally, students and families may face challenges in arriving early or staying after school. We continue to look for ways to best provide our students with targeted instruction to meet our students where they are at. On days that we are running Spartan Time, students will have an opportunity to seek these supports. As we continue our work on becoming clearer with our targeted instruction and on providing our students with additional support during the school day, we are confident that our students will possess the skills and knowledge to be successful beyond their years at Stevenson. 

    Our fundamental purpose is to ensure all students acquire the academic skills, knowledge, and behaviors needed for future success. And collectively, we will make that happen for every student. 

    Our start and end time do NOT change.

    The bell schedule for Spartan Time (Tuesday & Thursday). Additionally, the LCTC bell schedule and transportation schedules for Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


    All the best!

    Pete Mazzoni

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  • LPD Police Liaison: Officer Carlin Cararo - (734) 744-2660, ext. 48911

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