Functional Vision Resources

Summer Activities for Students with Special Needs


    Outside Activities 

    • Take a walk at a brisk pace, the dog needs the exercise!
    • Bathe the dog (he’s dirty from the walk!)
    • Wash the car
    • Stack the patio chairs
    • Haul the garbage/recycle bins in and out
    • Carry buckets of water for flowers, plants or trees or use spray bottle or hose with sprayer
    • Do yardwork: rake leaves, sweep driveway, shovel sand, push wheelbarrow, squat to weed or plant flowers

    Indoor Activities

    • Push the grocery cart in the store (it’s air conditioned!)
    • Carry the groceries in
    • Put the groceries away, squat for low shelves and reach on tip toes for high shelves
    • Wipe the table after dinner using a large sponge and use hand muscles to squeeze it out
    • Tie garbage bags up and carry out to bin
    • Help out with laundry: sort, load the washer, move clothes from washer to dryer
    • Fold the laundry and put away in drawers-bend from the knees, not the waist
    • Pick up your clothes from the floor and hang them on a hanger-use 2 hands!
    • Wash the windows and mirrors
    • Your hand muscles need work, too:
    • Learn to shuffle cards
    • Put a rubber band around the deck of cards when you’re done
    • Stack pennies/coins and count your change
    • Connect paper clips into a chain
    • Cut out coupons
    • Fold paper to make yourself a fan
    • Do puzzles
    • Play Checkers, Connect Four or other board games
    • Can’t get to the gym? Create one at home:
    • Long sit (back straight, legs in front, knees straight, toes pointing up) to watch TV
    • Wall push ups
    • Practice going up and down the stairs with 1 foot on each step, right then left
    • Chair squats-practice getting in and out of chair without using your arms-no flopping!
    • Practice passing a small item (keys, rolled up pair of socks, ball) from 1 hand to the other. Mix it up by passing it under a chair to the other hand, behind the chair to the other hand.
    • Stand with feet apart, drop an object over your shoulder, then bend and pick it up, 10 times!
    • For a real challenge, stand with feet apart and pass a small object down under your leg while marching in place
    • Just move: Yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming, sports of all kinds, bowling, Wii Sports