• Ms. Skibinski's Requested Classroom Supplies



    Individual Student Supplies 

    * earbuds for use with our chrome books.  (Please send these in a bag labeled with your child's first and last name)

    *2  1" 3 ring binders with clear protective covering (Please label the spine with your child's first and last name)

    *2 pkg (5 count) page dividers for 3 ring binder

    *1 pocket folder

    *1 composition notebook (Mead)

    *1 pkg wide ruled notebook paper

    *Pencil bag to hold supplies - no boxes please 

    *small personal pencil sharpener that collects pencil shavings

    *colored pencils

    *1 box 24 ct crayons

    *1 checking pen or pencil any color

    *2 large glue sticks - may need more as year progresses

    *4 pack of fat dry erase markers (low odor)

    * 2 large erasers (White Pentel brand seems to work the best)

    * 1 pair of scissors

    *4 different colored highlighters

    * 2 pkg 2" X 2" sticky notes

    *1 box of sharpened #2 pencils

    * 1 deck of multiplication flash cards - These are usually available at Dollar Tree, Michaels, Target, etc.


    Optional Supplies to be Shared with Class 

    *We always appreciate donations of Kleenex, Sandwich, quart and gallon sized Ziploc bags, Hand Sanitizer (with pump), Hand soap (with pump), disinfectant wipes and baby wipes.  If you are able to donate one or two of these items, we would really appreciate it!  Thank you!


    Examples of Possible Classroom Auction Items

    The possibilities are endless for our classroom auctions.  In order for our auctions to be a success, we need many items.  Some examples include: Sports cards, sports balls, games, nail polish, jewelry, books, slime, food items (no nut products please), gum, etc.  In the past we have also had items such as selfie sticks, fuzzy pillows, disco balls, magic sets.  Items from Five Below are usually a good option as well.  We have 4 auctions throughout the year so we greatly appreciate any assistance you may be able to give us with prizes for the students to bid on.  :)


    ***If you are unable to provide classroom supplies for your child, please let me know so I can be of assistance***