• Social Studies Curriculum

    The core curriculum at each grade level is based on K-12 exit goals. The curriculum includes shared goals spanning all subject areas and specific goals. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for the 21st century. Our instructional staff continuously align their classroom instruction to the goals of the core curriculum

    Student Goals Shared by all Content Areas

    All subject areas must provide learning experiences which enable students to:

    • Respect self, others, and the environment.
    • Communicate effectively.
    • Know how to learn and work productively.
    • Acquire and process information.
    • Use critical and creative thinking to make decisions and solve problems.
    • Work and participate independently and cooperatively.
    • Acquire a core of understandings and competencies within the content areas.

    Social Studies

    • Apply social studies concepts and processes as informed, thinking, capable citizens to contribute and participate productively in their families, work community, and nation.
    • Acquire, process, and organize relevant information.
    • Use social studies concepts and principles to communicate effectively regarding public policy questions and issues.
    • Participate and effectively act on social and public policy issues important to their own lives.
    • Understand and apply recurring themes and pervasive issues in historical events and personages across time and geographical space.
    • Understand and analyze relationships between human society and the environment.
    • Apply understanding of the purposes, organization, and ideas of political systems and relationships to individual and group behavior.
    • Apply understanding of concepts and principles of economics.
    • Understand global interdependence and issues which affect people all over the world.