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  • "Early On is Michigan's system for helping infants and toddlers, birth to age 3 and their families who have developmental delays or are at risk for delays due to certain health conditions. It's designed to help families find the social, health, and educational services that will promote the development of their infants and toddlers with special needs." To find more information about Early On, follow this link.  


    The Early On Program is run through Student Services and the Jackson Early Childhood Center.

Early On Michigan Flyer


  • Who is eligible for Early On services through Livonia Public Schools Early On only program?

    Children from birth to 36 months old who have a 20% developmental delay in one or more developmental areas including motor development, language development, social-emotional development, cognitive development, self-help skills, and/or vision or hearing difficulties are eligible for Early On. In addition, children who have an established condition that most likely will impact their development are also eligible for Early On.


    How do Early On only and Early On Michigan Mandatory Special Education Services differ?

    Early On only services are provided through Livonia Public Schools. Your child will be assigned an Early On Provider that will provide ongoing support.


    How will Livonia Public Schools' Early On only program help my child and family?

    If your child is eligible for Early On, we will support you to:

    • Know your rights while participating in Early On
    • Effectively communicate your child's needs
    • Help your child learn and develop


    What does the Early On process look like?

    1. Livonia Public Schools receives a referral for your child.
    2. Within 10 days of receiving the referral, an Early On staff member will contact you to ask if you are interested in an Early On evaluation and you'll be given a copy of your parental rights and procedural safeguards.
    3. An evaluation is scheduled to be completed in your home or at Jackson Early Childhood Center. During the evaluation, a developmental assessment and history of your child will be completed. Your family will be asked questions about your child's development, your family routines, and your concerns regarding your child to better get to know your child/family's needs for support.
    4. Following the evaluation, you will be contacted with the results of the evaluation and be told if your child is eligible for services through Early On. If they are eligible, an IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan) meeting will be scheduled to discuss where your child is at in all developmental areas and where they fall in comparison to other children their age. Goals will be decided together to help support your child's development and service times will be determined. An Individualized Family Service Plan or (IFSP) is scheduled with your family within 45 days of referral if that's convenient for your family's schedule.
    5. Home visits will begin following the IFSP meeting if your family accepts services.


    What can I expect from my service coordinator during a home visit?

    • To provide information about developmental milestones, community resources, and activities that can positively impact your child's development that can be incorporated into your daily routines and activities
    • To ask me about my child's development since the last visit and how he/she can best continue to support you and your family
    • To observe and interact with you and your child during everyday activities
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Early On Staff

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