Mr. O'Hagan

  • Signing up for REMIND...


    How to sign up for our AP Physics REMIND can be found at this link.

  • Signing up for AP Tests...


    Because of changes at College board, sign up for AP tests are much sooner in the year than in past years.  Here's the schedule...


    10/14-10/25  --  register and commit

    You must register on line in our AP Physics Classroom.

    How to join the AP PHYSICS CLASSROOM at College Board can be found at this link.


    10/28-11/1  --  pay

    Each test costs $100.

    Pay Mrs. Gajor in the counceling office with a check made out to 


    College Board will let you sign up after the official date, but they charge you an extra $40 to do so.

    If you sign up for an AP test and decide not to take it, you do not get back all your money.  College Board charges you $40 to withdraw from the test.  (you will only get back $60 for deciding not to take the test.)


  • Projectile Motion Lab Data...


    actual range was 0.62m +- 0.005m

    The velocity can be cound in this file.

  • Work Done by a Spring Force...


    The explanation for how to find the work done by a speing force can be cound in this file.

  • Rotation Lab Spreadsheet...


    A useful spreadsheet can be cound in this file.



    Rotational inertial theory can be found in this file.

  • Gravitation Inside Earth


    An explanation of gravity inside Earth can be found in this file.

  • Kepler's 3 Laws of Planetary Motion


    An explanation of his 3 laws can be found in this file.