Daily Arrival

    The first bell rings at 8:45.  At this time, students are expected to be in line outside with their class.

    The second bell rings at 8:55. At this time, students are expected to have their things in their locker, be in the classroom, checked in for attendance and ready to begin. 


    Math:  Starting a couple weeks into the school year, math Homelinks are given Monday - Thursday except if a lesson takes longer than one day, or if we have taken a test that day. Parents are encouraged to review the Homelink with their child or help them if needed.  The answers to all of the problems are in the front of the Homelink booklet that is sent home for each unit.  Practicing the math facts, time, and money are always a great thing to do as well.

    Reading:   Reading at home is expected for at least 20 minutes a day. 

    We will have a short snack break daily in the morning. If you would like your child to participate, please send in one small nutritious snack each day: fruits (fresh or dried), veggies, cheese sticks, pretzels or crackers are some examples. Snacks should be a finger food that does not require a utensil to eat. Snacks are consumed during work times so they need to be as simple and non-messy as possible. No dry sugar cereal (sugar listed as the first or second ingredient), chips, cookies, candy, etc.

    Water Bottles: 
    Students may bring a water bottle.  These should have non-spill caps that prevent accidents. Please do not send sports drinks, pop, juice or anything other than water for the classroom.

    Please distribute birthday party invitations outside of school. It is heartbreaking for some children to discover that they were not invited and it is too difficult at school to pass these out in secret.  

    We will celebrate in the classroom by decorating your child's desk for the day and singing to them.    Per school wide policy, parents are no longer permitted to send in edible birthday treats however new this year, students ARE allowed to bring in small trinkets like (pencils, stickers, etc )on their birthday to share with the class if they like :)