• Media Center Schedule



    10:05-10:45 Hillard

    10:55-11:35 Longworth

    1:50-2:30 Gierak




    11:45-12:25 Slack

    1:50-2:30 Shepler

    2:40-3:20 Elwood




    10:05-10:45 Curtis 

    10:55-11:35 Drabicki

    1:00-1:40 Francis

    1:50-2:30 Dennis

    2:40-3:20 Quigley



    10:05-10:45 Nehs

    1:00-1:40 Lubbers

    1:50-2:30 McDonald

    2:40-3:20 Smith



    10:05-10:45 Emert

    10:55-11:35 Horvath

    11:45-12:25 Petoskey

    1:50-2:30 Mitchell

    2:40-3:20 Field


    Media Center Policies

    Book Checkout and Renewals

    Students may check out one book at a time. During Phase 4 and lower students are not allowed to touch any books except for the one they are checking out. They will have multiple tables from which to browse hands-free. Books will be quarantined for 72 hours upon return.  Books are due the following week.  Students should make every attempt to return their books on their library day. If they forget to bring their books, they will have to wait until the following week to exchange them.

    Overdue Materials

    Overdue notices are printed approximately every 6 weeks. If a book is 4 or more weeks overdue, you will receive a notice asking for the book to be returned or given the cost to replace the book. Students are not allowed to check out new materials until they have retuned their overdue books. Please make every effort to find books that were checked out (and not yet returned) from last spring.

    Safety Protocols

    Students are seated or standing at least 3 feet apart at all times in the library and computer lab. Lab computers, keyboards, mice, headphones, and tables are cleaned after each class. Library books are quarantined for 72 hours. Students use hand sanitizer on the way into the library/lab, and will use it either on the way out of the lab or the way into their classroom, whichever is deemed easiest with books in hand.