Course:  Yearbook

  • Course Description:

    In this course students will gain skills in page design, advanced publishing techniques, copywriting, editing, and photography while producing a creative, innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. There is an emphasis on journalism skills in this class. Participants gain useful, real world skills in time management, marketing, teamwork, and design principles.

    Class Materials:

    • Folder or binder for class  (To be left in class)
    • Paper or notebook
    • Writing utensil(s)
    • Access to Yearbook Avenue website


    Class participation is necessary to succeed in this course, both in the classroom and online. Students are expected to participate in outside- of-class activities. Students will be required to attend school activities to take photographs and gather information to be used in the yearbook. Students are expected to participate in distance learning through Google Classroom whenever it is necessary.

    Late Work:

    Due to the nature of publishing deadlines, students will be expected to work periodically before or after school and on weekends as needed to meet publishing deadlines. Page assignments must be finished on the assigned due date. Late classwork will receive a deduction of 10% per day (up to 40% total) and must be turned in by two days before the end of the marking period.

    Student Expectations:

    All policies from the Student Handbook will be strictly enforced. Students will also be expected to do the following:

    •   Be ready to work when the bell rings. Students not in their seat when the bell rings will be marker tardy.

    •   Be respectful of yourself and others. This includes no food or sugared beverages in the classroom.

    •   Only use cell phone during designated times (refer to “Electronic Device Policy”).

    In this class we want to create and sell the best yearbook possible.  It is your responsibility to make certain that you have put every effort forward to create and sell the best quality product we can create. 

    Students are also expected to sell ads ($250 worth).  You will receive a grade for ads sold (or not sold):  0=$0, 1=$100, 2=$150, 3=$200 and 4=$250.


    Electronic Device Policy:

    Electronic and/or listening devices are not permitted at any time without verbal direction from the teacher. They also  may not be used to access social media or record video or audio without permission.

    If students violate this policy, this process will be followed:

    1st Offense: Teacher warning

    2nd Offense: Student places device in teacher’s drawer; parent contact.

    3rd Offense: Detention

    4th Offense: Office referral

    Failure to surrender electronic device when asked will result in an automatic disciplinary referral.


    The semester grade for this course will be determined by combining two marking periods (40% each) with the score of the final exam (20%). All marking periods and exam grades will be graded according to the percentage scale (listed below) that is used to grade regular class work:

    • Production (yearbook page spreads, ad sales) = 50%
    • Participation (daily class participation, photography assignments, classwork) = 50%

    Card marking and exam grades will be averaged by using the same percentage scale (listed below) that is used to grade daily class work. 


    ​A   100-93​       B   86-83​         C   76-73​         D   66-63​

    A-  92-90​        B-  82-80       ​C-   72-70       ​D-   62-60

    ​B+  89-87​        C+  79-77        ​D+  69-67       E     59-0

    Both formal and informal assignments will have firmly established due dates (refer to "Late Work") and grading rubrics will be provided whenever possible.  Student grades are routinely updated and available for viewing online and it is recommended that they are monitored regularly. 

    Teacher Availability:

    Student success is my number one priority. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. I can be reached by email at, or by text message or voicemail at (734) 210-1976. I am also available to meet in person by appointment.

    All students, parent(s), and/or guardians may sign up for class updates via text messaging through by texting @fhsyb2021 to 81010. Important class information can also be found on Google Classroom.