Library Policies at Cleveland Elementary

  • Book Checkout and Renewals

    Kindergarten and First Grade students may check out one book at a time. Second Grade and Third Grade students may check out two books at a time. Fourth Grade students may have up to three items out at a time. Second through Fourth Graders are encouraged to check out at least one “just right book". This helps builds vocabulary and develops independent readers

    Books may be kept for two weeks, and they can be renewed up to two times. Students should try to bring their books back on time, because other students are often waiting to check them out. Students in grades 1-4 can exchange their books on days other than their library day by coming to the LMC with a library pass from their teacher.

    Overdue Materials

    Overdue notices are printed automatically by our computer system. Once a book is 4 weeks overdue, you will receive a notice in your child's backpack charging the family the replacement cost. If a student returns a book that was previously paid for during this school year, he/she may return the book for a refund.