• Hello First Grade



    We are a peanut-free classroom.  Please do not send any items that contain peanut products.  Our lunch room is not peanut-free.

     Peanut-Free Snacks Include: 

    • All Fruits and Vegetables       
    • Sun-Maid Raisins 
    • String Cheese 
    • Yogurt/Go-gurt   
    • Teddy Grahams (chocolate, honey and cinnamon only) 
    • Kraft Cheese Nips and Cheese-Its 
    • Nabisco Wheat Thins 
    • Town House and Ritz Crackers 
    • Animal Crackers 
    • Nabisco Honey Maid Graham Crackers (honey and cinnamon)
    • Goldfish (cheddar and pretzel) 
    • Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bar (all varieties) 
    • Pretzels (Bettermaid, Frito Lay and Jay’s Brand) 
    • Cheerios (Not Honey-Nut)   


    It is best to stick to the above list, as foods that may not contain peanuts are often processed in plants that also make peanut products and can contain traces of peanuts.  

    Please help your child remember to bring a snack (just one) every day.  It should be something that can be eaten easily and in a timely manner.  Encourage your child to bring fresh fruit or vegetables.  We have a drinking fountain in our classroom, so there is no need to bring in a drink for snack time. Your child may keep a water bottle in the classroom as well.      

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    Late Arrival 

    Please try to get your child to school on time. The beginning of our day is very important and a student who comes in late can have a difficult time catching up.


    If your child will be absent for an extended period, please notify me ahead of time. Due to the fact that our schedule changes daily, I am unable to send homework for your child to complete while he or she is gone. I will, however, save all class work and send it with your child upon his/her return. The work should serve as a review of what we covered in school during that time, but does not need to be returned to school (unless otherwise noted). I encourage your child to read daily and keep a "travel journal" during his or her absence.  In some instances, the math journal that we keep in class may be sent home with pages to complete.  

    Birthday Celebrations 

    Per our school-wide policy, birthday treats are not permitted.  On your child's birthday, he or she may bring small, non-edible items such as stickers, bookmarks, pencils, or small toys/trinkets to pass out to the class.  Summer birthday friends can celebrate on their 1/2 birthday or at the end of the school year. Birthday invitations for classmates will not be passed out in class.  I do not blind copy our email distribution list when I send out e-blasts, so you can contact families via email regarding birthday matters.  

    Book Orders

    Book orders will be sent home several times each year.  Book orders can be paid by check or money order made out to the book club ("Scholastic Books").  It is easy to order books online from the Scholastic website. Our class code is G29VG. Books can be ordered online anytime and there are thousands of great books to choose from.    


    Please leave them at home.  Personal items will be collected and returned to your child at the end of the school year.      

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    Parent Volunteers     

    I do not schedule parents to come to the classroom on a specific day/time.  There will be opportunities throughout the year for parents to assist with an activity or lesson in the classroom and/or work with a small group of children.  When the need arises, I will email parents in advance and coordinate a time for you to come and help. I will also need help outside the classroom copying/preparing materials for activities, displaying student work, chaperoning field trips, helping with classroom parties etc. Please look for more information about ways you can help out!  

    Contact Information

    If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Email is the best way to get a hold of me during the day. I check email often and will respond as quickly as I can, especially if the email pertains to information that you need to convey before the day’s end (sick child, change in bus/pick-up plans, etc). If your concern is more serious in nature, please call me after school is dismissed.