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    I am committed to providing your child with the best learning experience possible.  I expect that, in return, your child will be equally committed to learning. I will contact you if there is a problem that is on-going and attempts to correct it have been unsuccessful or if the problem is serious in nature.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child. 

    Children are expected to finish, in school, all work assigned and be able to choose an appropriate activity when work has been completed.  In addition, homework will be given several times each week. It should be checked and signed by the parent when finished and returned to school the following day (unless otherwise specified). 

    Please help your child establish a place where he or she can put school items every day. This will help with organizing and remembering important things. Be sure your child's backpack is emptied and checked each night (your child should do this with your supervision).  Your child will be responsible for bringing his or her BIRD folder home from school each day. It will serve as a means of communication between home and school. 

    This year parents will have a number of opportunities each week to work with their child at home to support the learning that is taking place in the classroom. Homework opportunities will be offered in math and reading.  An additional practice sheet or a special activity may be assigned.  

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    Home Links & supplemental activity sheets accompany our daily math lessons and activities. Homework will be assigned most nights. It should be checked by a parent, signed and returned to school the next day unless otherwise stated on the homework paper. Children will be given credit for each completed Home Link/activity sheet. 


    Children should set aside 15-20 minutes each evening for independent reading.  Your child should have a collection of books at his or her reading level to choose from.  In addition to self-selected reading, parents should enjoy reading to and with their children. Having discussions about books is an integral part of reading to learn and learning to love literature. 

    Word Work  

    Your child will be responsible for learning grade-specific sight words, new word patterns and spelling combinations.  We will do many activities and games during our school week to support word study & development. There will not be weekly spelling tests.  A formal spelling inventory will be administered several times each year to determine progress.