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    This year your child will be given a "take-home" folder.  The folder will come home each day and it will serve as a means of communication between home and school.  This folder will contain completed student work, homework assignments, as well as any other important information that students and/or parents may need. 

    On the back cover you will find a communication log.  Feel free to use this log to relay information or to document any questions or concerns.  Folders will be checked daily. Students are responsible for informing the teacher of any notes on the communication log.  

    Please make sure I have your email address; I regularly send e-blasts throughout the week.  Included in these emails are a brief description of activities and concepts we have covered in class that week, as well as any homework opportunities and/or important reminders or events.

    Please consider following our class on Twitter @Mrs_Schocker.   I post daily pictures of classroom activities, books we are reading, and units we are studying.  I love to showcase the students working and playing! 

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