• Emerson staff recognize that cell phones are a desirable and convenient means of communication between parents and children. Thus, acceptable cell phone use at school is defined below:

    1. Cell phones are permitted during breakfast, lunch, passing time, and after dismissal.
    2. Headphones and earbuds are NOT permitted in the hallways. They are not to be used or on/in ears during passing time.
    3. Unless a teacher has given permission, cell phones and headphones/earbuds are not to be used in class.
    4. Students should not take photographs or record videos in the building without permission.
    5. Students should not loan their devices to others.

    Students who do not follow the above expectations will have their cell phones and/or headphones/earbuds turned over to the Reflection Room supervisor, and the device will be returned to the student at the end of the school day.

    Additionally, the following procedures will be followed:

    • 1st Violation – Warning
    • 2nd Violation – Notification sent home for parents' signature to be returned the next day
    • 3rd Violation – Student will eat lunch in the Reflection Room
    • 4th Violation – Referral to Emerson Administrators
    • 5th Violation – Student will lose the privilege of having a cell phone at school for 1 week. The student will be expected to turn in their cell phone to the Reflection Room supervisor at the beginning of each school day or to leave their cell phone at home. The length of this loss of privilege may be extended if the behavior continues.