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Mrs. Amy Munday

Industrial Manufacturing at Roush and United Road (Job-Sites)

Skill-ful Designs (In-house work)

Kids Coalition Against Hunger (Community/volunteer work)

Interns at Roush will gain experience at one or more of these experiences.

Warehouse- Students will learn how to use the computer system to load and print orders, how to read orders and pick items from shelves, gather and count items, how to efficiently pack items in boxes, how to use wet box tape, air-compressed stapler and box strapper to secure boxes for transportation. Students will assist with organizing and moving items for storage, how to use and maneuver a pallet jack to move inventory, how to take down boxes, use the garbage and cardboard compressor, how to secure and strap cardboard as well as how to unload the cardboard bin and load it on a pallet. Students will learn safety procedures implemented at Roush to safely work there, such as where to walk/where not to walk, how to navigate around fork-lifts, the proper usage of tools and safety items needed.

Trim Shop- There are two areas where our students intern. Vinyl Graphics- Students will learn how to properly weed un-wanted areas that have been cut for vinyl decals for merchandise and vehicles. Students will explore how to use the industrial cutter as well as how to safely and effectively use an Xacto knife to cut decals. Trim- Students will learn how to trace from designed patterns, how to cut different materials, how to use industrial technology to cut materials, how to add buttons and rivets as well as how to use an industrial sewing machine.

Roush Performance- Students will learn how to efficiently wash vehicles coming into Roush Performance. Students will explore job roles in the installation of parts.

Interns at United Road will gain experience at one or more of these experiences.

Truck Wash- Students will learn the gear needed to be worn and tools needed to clean car haulers. Students set up needed supplies, will scrub trucks with soap, rinse with a power-washer and learn how to clean the interior cab.

Mechanical- Students will learn the safety gear needed to be worn to remain safe. Jobs learned are slip-plating to decrease friction on lifts, greasing coils and straps, cleaning commonly used items such as jacks and general site maintenance. Students will assist certified mechanics with daily tasks needed for the upkeep of their fleet.

Data Entry- Students will learn the computer software used to compile service orders for inventory and billing purposes.

Skill-ful Design's

Kids Coalition Against Hunger